Abby who?

Abby who? – written by Dave Martin – Geist release event – demo tournament

A disturbance back at the mortuary draws the attention of the Iraq war veteran who happen to also run a ‘fake’ paranormal investigation racket (occasionally having ghosts actually do some haunting to make it seem legit now and then). His employee comes in and tell his boss, Corum, that he is being haunted. Soon after a ghost follows the employee into the office and wrecks havoc blaming the employee that it’s his fault she died.

Long story short, she got the short end of the stick in a freak accident that destroys her whole apartment complex in Mesa.

The group decides to investigate, and soon after arriving on the scene get jumped by a bunch of Abmortals – like the gimp chained to a riding lawnmower, a 6 year old girl who looks normal, a guy just out of the burn ward…

In the midst of the fire fight, dude that the ghost had been screaming about who tried to suck her soul into a jar shows up with two of his buddies who have really big guns.

Group gets smart and disables the car, and dude (Solomon) manages to suck the soul into a jar and get away just in the nick of time. Players manage to capture some of the Abmortals, and one of the goons, and take them back to their Haunt (a mortuary).

Eventually the group works through the clues, finds out that Solomon is doing a ritual involving members of a certain family in order to wipe them out entirely because of a feud with that family’s patron.

They head to one of the remaining family member’s home only to find that Solomon has taken the woman leaving a snide and taunting note and where to find him. Of course, its a trap.

They get there, almost die in the cross fire, but eventually manage to work their way up to the room where the hostage is. Little do they know she has been blinded and rendered insane, but they save her anyway.

Now that they have her, they go back to the warehouse where they have discovered in previous clues that it is where Solomon is making the Abmortals. Through cleverness and stealth, they get the computer with the files on it, the safe and a piece of black rock that is really creepy.

They are able to piece together the puzzle:

Solomon is making Abmortals for his army and sick pleasure by chaining them to a rock that the smaller piece has broken off of and is now breeding them as well. They find out where and when the ritual is going to take place. They find out that Solomon has a feud and that he needs a certain number of souls from the family to summon monster of doom to destroy his enemies forever and give him ultimate power – but no member of the family can watch the ritual or it will go wrong.

They decide to heal and plan before tackling the ritual night (which was a very good idea since no one so far has gone unhurt – and several of them have barely escaped dying again. One character has scouted out all the locations through use of her Oracle ability, and Corum (played by Von), has had a lot of fun drowning that character so she (Jen) can do her thing.

So, they get to the antique store, plan ready – half is to grab the ‘items of death and doom’ that this occult shop sells (Read: shelves of cursed items) half to take care of Solomon.

Well, big nasty monster that Solomon summoned and thought he could control turns and eats him of course. Players take out big monster by blowing the shop up because the gas main was exposed and already leaking. (Jen) stays behind to throw the torch, makes it out and dives into a dumpster avoiding another death but not damage.

The half getting items from the shop manage to average 3 objects per person during this time… providing much future amusement and plot hooks.

They strip the warehouse and burn it to the ground – with the Abmortals still in it. Solomon and most his Krewe is dead. The blind insane girl has been dropped off at a hospital anonymously. No follow ups on any other member of the family. The small chunk of black rock rests in a storage unit in a freezer with all adjacent units also being rented by them. The big rock is buried under the streets of Mesa in the bad area of town… muhahaha.

It was a good introduction for all of us.



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