Cursed toys

Ah, so far one character has already had to hand over their sheet to become an NPC due to a cursed object: A coffee cup that when drunk from, means you never sleep again and slowly go insane (it’s okay though, I gave the group the option to keep their character or make a new one now that they understood the system better).

So, I gave everyone three items off the list I created…

A crystal bell was rung at 2am – blowing out the ear drums of the one ringing it – and the windows of the mortuary – and woke up everyone else who not asleep. The blanket he tried to sleep in sucked away his blood. His (Mikel) Geist stepped in at that point and wouldn’t let him play with the Russian Dolls.

There is a lot of joking about why they didn’t get more items from the shop – because (Jen) somehow managed to get a U.S. Postal box (one of those big blue ones) into the back of the Uhaul.

There was also some amusement over an hour-glass that slows time for the user.

A few people have felt the touch of a curse, but not all of them know who has been cursed – or how to get rid of the curses they have acquired. It shall be interesting to see what happens in future games as these new derangements start coming into the forefront.

Two new players joined the group during this session of ‘down-time’. They are awesome.

Decided to split the group into adults only on Wednesday nights and the Teens plus anyone who would help be ringers and teach them how rpgs work on Fridays.



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