Dem Bones

That brings us to tonight’s Teen game in which I used one of the SAS’s: Dem Bones so I can learn the system so I can write my own.

Since we kicked the Teens out on Wednesday while the adults got to play with their new toys… we started off the game with them getting to mess around with theirs.

During it, Duane (Xavier) goes outside to hold aloft the LAPD badge and attempt to invoke its powers (muahaha). Well, nothing happens that he can tell… but he does notice that there is a girl digging up a grave in their cemetery singing: Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones…

First reaction is to try to talk to her… but the first attempt at the contested dice roll had Dem Bones gain an exceptional success over Corum – so Dem Bones fully posses Regan (the girl) and the game is on.

Corum wants to just kill her/him now, but Rosa (Kat) manages to stop the fact that it looks like Regan has recently been shot and Corum pauses.

They discuss matters, Corum repeatedly tries to talk to Regan’s Geist who only sings Dem Bones until they bind and gag him/her.

They take Regan back inside the mortuary while Duane goes outside to check the name on the grave that was being dug up. At which time, he notices that the occupant, nothing more than a sack of bones really, has gotten up and is wandering off.

Duane reports this to the others. Corum stays behind while Rosa, Yanni (Adina) and Duane tackle the skeleton – literally. They reduce it to one skeletal hand and a pile of bone ash. On their way back into the mortuary proper they notice that there are 10 graves that have been opened and only 4 still hold their contents.

A few rolls later, they manage to figure out that they would have better luck looking in the middle of nowhere rather than in the middle of the city and find the revival tent that the walking dead are congregating at… 30 walking dead to be exact.

After some investigation they do manage to discover that Dem Bones was an old black preacher in Mississippi, his church has been bulldozed and all but one of his congregation is dead. In the bible in the revival tent, they manage to find an old black and white photo of Dem Bones who was named Joseph Black. He died of a stroke in the middle of a sermon.

Corum still tries to talk to Dem Bones who is alien insane, not just batshit insane – and gets no where. The group gets frustrated enough that I finally have Corum do some rolls and he finally understands that its going to be awhile before they can do anything – and they have to wait for Dem Bones to relax his hold on Regan (24 hours).

24 hours later… they begin to exercise the Geist to see if it will break the hold on Regan. With all the investigation they have been doing with nothing more than a laptop and a phone call to that last parishioner, they manage to secure enough bonuses off the chart that it only takes 15 minutes before Regan regains control – and manages to stay in control… for now.

Regan relays her story, begs for help on understanding who and what she is, how to get Dem Bones from singing that damn song that drove her to kill herself in the first place.

They teach her how to reverse possess (which freaks her out when she returns), and also sees if she can control the zombies she/Dem Bones made. She can, so they pack all the zombies up and make a few loads back to the mortuary where she slowly is able to make them stop being animated. However, they will still have two zombies who are not just reanimated corpses, but possessed dead bodies by ghosts.

Even more fun: I played Dem Bones… over and over and over again through the course of the story.

10th time… Kat: Uh… that song is getting annoying. 15th time… Kat: Uh! That song is really annoying, can you turn it off?! 20th time… Kat: ARGH! THAT SONG IS SO ANNOYING! Adina: It’s driving her insane. Storyteller: ::smiles happily::

Next wednesday shall begin with the Adult group finding Corum, Regan and 30 zombies in their home…



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